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Sell my House Flowers

Sell my House Flowers

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We have designed Sell my House Real Estate Flowers to be an easy fresh flower delivery service. This is a 4 or 6 week subscription that we deliver to site in a neutral loan vase. To make it even better, we remove the previous vase so you are ready to open house!

What's included?

Weekly fresh flowers delivered on Fridays ( 4 or 6 week campaign)

Note: Don't forget to start your first delivery to arrive for the photoshoot.

What Package options are there?

VIP Package -  This will give you two Standards and 1 Tall arrangement to use in your home. This suits larger or Premium homes with grander spaces that need warming up!

Value Package - This will give you one Standard and 1 Tall arrangement to use in your home. With the complimentary loan vases and 10% savings, you will have an easy solution to selling your home.

If you have a unique property or need more customised flowers, please email or call Suzanne directly with some pics: or 0420 877 186.

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